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Foot Massage


It is thought that the feet and hands are analogous to the root system of trees. Just as the roots of a tree provide the key to its health and longevity, people’s feet and hands provide a key to their health and well being. Thai traditional healers have discovered that specific pressure points on the feet correspond to specific parts of the body as well as internal organs. Therefore, pressure of certain pressure points on the feet can relax muscles, cleanse the body of toxins, increase pulmonary c

Thai foot massage provides almost the same benefits as the benefits of traditional Thai massage. It is important to remember that a “foot massage” session is more than just a foot massage. Its benefits are holistic – body, mind, and spirit all benefit. It supports all systems of the body and, therefore, improves the digestive, reproductive, respiratory, lymphatic, immune and endocrine systems. As the reflex points on the hands and feet are worked the circulatory system increases blood supply around the body resulting in the release of tension and toxins for elimination. This supports the body's own ability to heal itself and to function at an optimum level, performing in a more balanced state.