Thai Oil Massage

Thai Oil Massage is an aroma massage using a combination of essential oils and traditional Thai massage oils

Aroma massage harnesses the body’s sense of smell to help relieve stress, boost moods and improve general wellbeing. However, contrary to popular belief, aroma massage isn’t all just about scent. The oils from fruits, plants, herbs or flowers are also carried into the blood stream when rubbed into the skin.

In addition to the benefits traditional Thai massage, the specific healing properties of the plants, flowers, and roots will help alleviate a variety of ailments.

Some plants are “super plants” and have healing properties for a variety of ailments. For example, lavender helps heal a variety of ailments including burns, fevers, fractures, cuts, headaches, heat exhaustion and heatstroke, infections, incest bites, jet lag, over exercised muscles, physical exhaustion, rashes, sleepiness, sprains, swellings, vomiting.